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Lilly is an experienced Tutor - online or in-person lessons in NYC,
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In 2000, Lilly Michelle moved to New York City and enrolled at Pratt Institute, NY where she received Diploma in Interactive Media. She spent the first couple of years working as a High-End Retoucher for Printing Companies in the City and clients like OK Magazine, Allure, Glamour, Vogue, Teen Vogue, JCrew, Victoria Secret, etc in the Fashion / Magazine / Catalogue field and SONY RCA, Arista, Universal Music Group mainly retouching the music album covers while she discovered her passion for CG, 3D Graphics and Games.
In the begining of 2009, Lilly enrolled 3DTi Institute in New York and obtained a certificate for 3D Modeling with Autodesk Maya. Right after she was taking as many classes & workshops at CGSociety while building a solid 3D Work Portfolio.
Her visions and works are as detailed as possible, following stricktly the given Concept Art and directions which led her to a Character Artist Position at Muse Games NYC for the project Guns of Icarus Online.

She is a self-learner artist with passion for Creative Art & Design and take pride with her work. A detail oriented individual who is fun to work with, she loves being part of a hardworking team. Specialized in:
- Modeling for both game and production, polygonal, nurbs
- Digital Sculpting with Zbrush
- Re-topologizing base mesh for animation edge loops
- Creating Uvs, displacement/bump, alpha, texture maps


Check the BLOG for her researches and tutorials.